The Coronavirus pandemic brought conditions we were least prepared for. New compulsions, unfamiliar lockdowns and uncertain times were thrust upon us without warning. Naturally, with the darkness surrounding us leaving no escape, we were pulled into isolation, both literally and figuratively. Day after day, hearing the worst news possible, thinking of all the worst-case scenarios and keeping our fingers crossed 24/7 - this is what life was reduced to, wasn’t it?

While adults resorted to work-from-home, students were pushed into taking online classes and children lost the time they could have spent exploring the world. Humanity suffered immense losses. The world saw a major chunk of its people fall into poverty. So many of us lost loved ones, so many are still struggling with health issues post-covid, and most of us are oscillating between sanity and insanity being confined in the four walls of our houses.

It took everyone two difficult years to get adjusted to this ‘new normal’. With new strains and variants popping up around the world, the virus has constantly kept us on our toes. It took patience, self-control, mental health issues and an enormous amount of faith for us to pull ourselves together and cope up with the pandemic.

The question we face today is, having adjusted to this ‘new COVID normal’, do we really want to take the pain of going back offline?

Cases seem to have dropped. With offices, colleges and schools reopening, we are back to a turning point in life. And it all seems so difficult now, doesn’t it?

“Work-from-home was cool for two years, why do I have to go back to the office now?”

“We were fine with online classes, why the rush to open colleges now?”

“We took our exams online, why open schools now?”

“I am not even habitual to so much physical activity, why can’t we stick to the virtual world?”

These are the questions brimming in most of our minds ever since the world decided to steadily open back up. Valid questions, right?

But is the answer as simple as the questions? We say, NO!

COVID took away a lot from us. For most, it took away the will to even enjoy life. Locked up inside our homes, we found a certain inexplicable ‘comfort zone’ in the virtual world. And as soon as we started getting too comfortable, life threw a new curveball at us.

Gotta get back offline now!

While going back offline is inevitable, it is undoubtedly difficult too. We became so used to the sedentary lifestyle in the past two years that it is going to take a huge amount of willpower to get back on our feet, pull up our socks and get to work.

I mean, imagine waking up so early in the morning?!

So, what does SAM propose to resolve this huge conundrum?

We say that it’s all about ‘Resilience’!

Life will never stop testing you. All you need to get through this blizzard of problems is never-ending resilience.

How wonderful would it be if we could just place an order for Resilience on some e-commerce site, right? Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

But what is resilience in the first place? Google say that it is the ability to bounce back from negative situations and hardships. But is resilience just a noun? I don’t think so. I believe that resilience is part of one’s identity that comes from-

a) continuous self-exploration and self-assessment

b) conscious acceptance of one’s flaws

c) the drive to work on those weaknesses and

d) the determination to cope with life’s struggles despite getting knocked down repeatedly

Seems like a huge task, doesn’t it?

What if I tell you that SAM has the best possible solution to this?

Scroll upwards and read points (a) to (d) again. Every step of this resilience-building task can be conquered through smaller incremental steps on oneself. And all this rigorous work comes naturally with proper meditation based on practical spirituality.

This meditation is one that is practised using the eternal technique of self-realisation, Brahm Gyan. Not only does it help one to cope with life’s problems, but it also positively impacts one’s mental health and surroundings, while also enabling the person to find his/her best possible version.

Is this proven to help? SAM’s strong volunteer base of thousands of awakened and transformed youngsters is a living proof! 

Meditation based on Brahm Gyan can help us get back on track on all fronts! In a way, we aren’t just combatting the effects of COVID, but are also getting back on our feet.

Because after all, what is life, if not offline?

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