Come first of March and we all start to locate that one unfortunate child in our families who is giving board exams. Well, to light up the mood for you kids, we decided to tickle the funny bone and we have listed some funny habits students and their family members have during exam days. Tag all your friends who do such things during their exams.


1. Using the same pen that you wrote with when you scored well in some exam. So that the pen automatically writes the same legitimate answers as it wrote last time.


2. Secretly wishing some natural calamity hitting or someone important dying or state of emergency getting declared a night before exam. Yes! We all did that, and trust us this one wish no fairy fulfilled ever


3. Deciding who would top while writing the paper on the basis of number of sheets taken. This one is the most common, number of extra sheets is directly proportional to the probability of scoring good marks in exam.


4. Turning the study table into a holy place and pencil box a movable holy place. Well it's during exams that we really realise our faith and love for God. This is when we cover every inch of our study table with the pictures of holy text and pictures of every faith and belief. And of course our pencil box has more tabeez, pudiya, dhaga, photo, Prasad and holy flower than total pens.


5. And that last minute revision. Yes of course we understand that our mind has such a superb ability to read, learn and remember everything that we read right before entering the examination hall. So we just use "Chitti" speed to read and flip all the pages right before the exams.


*Mom screams in the backdrop*

*Chintooooo, facebook band kar de ek mahina! Samajh nai aati tujhe?*


All the best kids! We hope you all pass with flying colors

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