1. Drink Warm Water with a Lemon in the Morning

This is one of the most effective ways to improve our health. The acidity of lemon promotes regularity in the body which prevents toxic build-up in the digestive track. Warm water can remove the accumulated toxins floating around the bloodstream, and prevent it from staying put and triggering illnesses. Before breakfast, drink hot water with a little bit of lemon to stoke the digestive fire. It’s important to make sure the water is room temperature, since cold water in the morning can actually shock your system.


2. Add Cinnamon to Tea/Coffee

Cinnamon is considered to be “the ancient healing spice” that not only enhances the flavor of any dish, but also has numerous health benefits seen in Ayurvedic medicine. Sunita Kumar, functional nutritionist and woman’s health expert, who struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome, believes in the power of food based medicine. Cinnamon is a “soothing Ayurvedic spice that regulates blood sugar which caffeine throws off,” Kumar told Medical Daily in an email. The spice also soothes the nervous system.


3. Scrape Your Tongue

Ayurvedic medicine suggests our tongue can tell us a lot about our health. This is because tongue surface is known to be the breeding grounds for accumulated toxicity. Using a steel tongue scraper can remove the “ama” — toxins on our tongue — and stimulate certain nerves that stimulate digestion. A tongue scraper will prevent the toxins from getting reabsorbed by the body, which can lead to breathing difficulties, digestive problems, and a weaker immune system.


4. Oil Your Body

Massaging the body with oil helps improve the texture of the skin and provides you with a healthy glow. It’s best to put massage oil on yourself in the morning before bathing or showering for optimal absorption. It helps to detoxify and reduce stress, remove chemicals and energy that are throwing off balance in the body


5. Get Good Sleep

Whether it’s Ayurvedic medicine or no medicine, it’s well known getting a good night’s sleep is essential for proper functioning the following morning. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is considered one of the main focal points of health in Ayurveda, suggesting we need to be protective of our sleep time. Ayurveda describes sleep as one of the three pillars of health, along with food and a balanced life. Ideally, it recommends to sleep from 10 p.m. until no later than 6 a.m. to start the day with a fresh and clear mind.

Live long, Live healthy!

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